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和谐 - The Harmony (M Mandarin)

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Download HiDE (Hi Density Embedding) Encoded Image File (1.73GB)

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A collage of thousands of exclusive and unique illustrations that showcases the rich history and the values of the chinese society, created by a global educational company that uses comic images to teach people Mandarin. The Harmony NFT is sized at over 1.73GB, setting the record as the largest NFT sold on the market to-date.

The Harmony NFT comes with many world's firsts records:
  • World’s Biggest NFT Made till date - 135% the size of previous record
  • World’s First On-Chain NFT
  • World’s First NFT With Digital Rights Management Keys
  • World’s First Green NFT: Zero carbon emission to Create, Hold or Trade this NFT
  • World’s First NFT With DiD - Never to worry about losing the keys
  • World’s First NFT With Stegano Embedding with HiDE (Hi Density Embedding) Technology

Funnybean Technology is an Internet company dedicated to online Chinese education. They create innovative and interesting Chinese learning content for learners all over the world, and strive to build a Chinese learning platform that integrates social networking and learning.

The artwork used in this collage is the closest to the real life you can get to if you want to understand China or the Rich culture this picture is really close to heart as everytime you look at them, it'll take you back to Beijing. It is extremely accurate; the balance of reality and cartoon is done in a harmonious way to reflect the lifestyle and depicts the reality very closely.

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It is a collage of 1000 images in BMP format of dimension 24000x24000.

Asset Details - 1.73GB in Size, Lossless image quality even with a super zoom. First of it's kind NFT in the world.

Asset Hash - ffc2abd263676668f0dc98a3c1607724299b739697bc6ab5bcc73e1038f78f27

NFT Number - ec9a81223015fb61dbb16cb272e4831d8375a824e112797574816c85d90639a3

Bank Hash - 163326f2d71244db75c1c0f4ca2bfee31dd4455ba57c473fde899fb64a7428ef

Bloom Filter Hash - c6eb7605e5f933e9835f82f71086ffa0c166b76625d777157449206b8b9b7f26

UTC TimeStamp of Generation - UTC 2021-03-15 23:16:27.359