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Last revised on May 21, 2021

1.      CookieUsage

1.1.       Weuse cookies (a small piece of data sent from a website or service to yourcomputer or mobile device) and similar tracking technologies on our site,products and services to deliver personalized content to tailor our informationofferings, to learn how you and others use the site, to keep track of yourshopping cart and to analyze and to optimize the use of our site, product andservices.

1.2.       Youmay decline or disable the use of cookies in your browser settings.

1.3.       Ifyou do not want to use cookies, we ask you to please disable the use of cookiesin your browser before you continue using our site.

1.4.       Incase you disable the use of cookies the site, product or service may work onlyin limited form.

1.5.       Ifthere are any questions regarding our cookie policy, you may please contact usat privacy[at]

This overview describes the cookies we use on our site: